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First Aid (EFR) Course

At any moment and time, you or a person may have an accident. It’s crucial to know what to do if you get a burn, scratch, fractured bone, or anything much worse.


What is the First Aid (EFR) Course?

Every second counts in a critical medical emergency, and there is no time to consult “doctor internet.” With Emergency First Response® (EFR®) first aid and CPR training, you’ll receive the information and abilities to assist someone in need and become an important link in the survival chain.

Why Take the First Aid (EFR) Course?

Learn how to react

Reacting fast in such difficult situations will help you save other people and also know what to do in case you face an injury or accident.

save lives

Sometimes first aid skills may save people's lives with just some basic steps. Be the one who knows the exact process in case of emergency.

Step-by-Step Learning

Our course provides a completely crafted curriculum, systematically guiding you through the fundamental principles of first aid in a well-organized and gradual approach.

What You'll Learn:

Primary and Secondary Care

Learn how to recognize a stroke, treat a spinal injury, perform CPR, and other lifesaving techniques. You’ll learn how to address injuries or diseases that aren’t immediately life-threatening during the secondary care portion of the course.


Learn how to deploy and use an AED, as well as how to administer basic CPR.

Training & Practicing

If emergency care skills are not practiced on a regular basis, they erode fast. Every year, experts recommend brushing up on your CPR and first aid abilities.

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