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Wreck Diver Course

 Whether it’s your first or your hundredth dive on it, very few experiences in diving compare with the thrill of descending on a wreck.


What's our Wreck Diver Course?

This very popular specialty will introduce you to the skills and techniques of safe wreck diving, including wreck diving hazards, equipment, wreck navigation, mapping and basic wreck penetration techniques. Four open water training dives and one classroom session are required.

PADI Adventure Diver certification or equivalent is required.
Total time required: 2 to 3 days (dives must be finished in at least two days).
Age requirement: 15 or older


Why Register to Wreck Diver Course?

Explore inside wrecks

Read the history and explore in-real life shipwrecks that have been around for decades.

See fascinating artifacts

Seeing fascinating artifacts is an interesting reason to choose Wreck Diver Course.

Learn special finning techniques

Learning special finning techniques can significantly improve your diving skills. It's like adding some finesse to your underwater moves.

Wreck Diver Course Will Help you:

Explore wrecks

Get ready to explore some of the most popular wrecks.

Use lines and reels

Get to know how to use lines and reels.

Avoid common problems

Learn how to avoid common problems when diving into wrecks.

Register to Wreck Diver Course!