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Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Discover a whole new level of excitement in your scuba diving journey with our Advanced Open Water Diver Course. This program is tailored to broaden your understanding, skills, confidence and improve buoyancy underwater. You’ll also receive a certification. Learn more about the course below.

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

What is "Advanced Open Water Diver Course"?

The Advanced Open Water Diver Course is an exceptional scuba diving certification program created specifically for divers seeking to elevate their skills, build unshakable confidence, and embark on thrilling underwater adventures. Building upon the foundational Open Water Diver Course, this program takes divers to the next level of expertise and adventure.

Why Taking the "Advanced Open Water Diver Course" with Us?

Increase Confidence

By engaging in diverse diving scenarios, participants gain confidence in handling various underwater situations and environments.

Expand Skillset

The course introduces new diving techniques and equipment usage, broadening participants' skillset and making them more versatile divers.

Exploration and Adventure

Advanced Open Water Divers explore deeper dive sites and take part in thrilling adventures like exploring shipwrecks or diving at night.

All Equipment Provided

Great news. We've got you covered! All scuba gear, including wetsuits and masks, will be provided by our diving center.

What You Will Learn:

Advanced Diving Techniques

Participants will acquire advanced diving techniques, such as buoyancy control, proper finning techniques, and underwater communication, to become more efficient and comfortable in the water.

Deep Diving Procedures

Students will learn how to plan and execute deep dives, understanding the considerations and safety protocols involved in diving to greater depths.

Underwater Navigation

Navigational skills are essential for underwater exploration. Participants will learn how to use a compass and natural references to navigate effectively underwater.

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