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Rescue Diver Course

Join the Rescue Diver Course in Marsa Alam and discover the gratification of being a competent and compassionate diver. Be the hero underwater, equipped to handle emergencies and contribute to a safer diving community. Embrace the responsibility and prepare to make a positive impact in the world of diving.


What is the "Rescue Diver ​Course"?

The Rescue Diver Course in Marsa Alam is a rewarding and empowering program that takes your diving skills to a whole new level. Designed for certified divers who want to enhance their situational awareness and ability to respond to diving emergencies.

Requirements: Adventure Diver/Junior Adventure Diver certification (or qualifying certification) with completed Underwater Navigation Dive; EFR Primary and Secondary Care training (or qualifying training) within the last 24 months.
Total time required: 4-7 days
Minimum age: 12 years old or older.

Why Taking the Rescue Diver Course in Marsa Alam with Us?

Increase Confidence

By engaging in diverse diving scenarios, participants gain confidence in handling various underwater situations and environments.

Comprehensive Training

At Coral Reef Divers, our Rescue Diver Course covers a wide range of rescue scenarios, equipping you with essential skills to handle emergencies both underwater and on the surface.

Small Group Sizes

To ensure personalized attention and optimal learning, we maintain small group sizes for our Rescue Diver Course. This allows our instructors to tailor the training to your individual needs, helping you reach your full potential as a rescue diver.

Real-World Experience

Our instructors bring real-world rescue experience to the course, sharing practical insights and knowledge that go beyond the curriculum. You'll learn from professionals who have been in the field and can provide valuable tips for successful rescues.

What You Will Learn:

Self-Rescue Techniques

You’ll learn essential self-rescue techniques, empowering you to manage personal stress and overcome challenging situations underwater.

Recognizing and Responding to Diver Stress

The course teaches you how to identify signs of stress in other divers and respond appropriately to prevent potential emergencies.

Assisting Tired and Panicked Divers

You’ll acquire the skills to assist tired or panicked divers and guide them to safety in a calm and reassuring manner.

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