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Navigation Diver Course

This course will teach you how to learn to navigate yourself underwater without having the need to always follow the other divers.


Information about the Navigation Diver Course

The PADI Underwater Navigator course sharpens your observational abilities and instructs you on how to utilize your compass more precisely underwater.

Why Navigation Diver Course is for you?

Improve your navigation skills

Never get lost or worried if you lose your buddies. Learn the skills to navigate the right way.

Find the boat without coming up

Get the essential skills and techniques required for underwater navigation, allowing you to confidently locate your dive boat or designated exit point while submerged.

Learn natural navigation clues

Learn natural navigation clues to become a skilled underwater navigator. This vital skill will not only enhance your safety but also deepen your appreciation of the underwater world.

What You Will Learn with Navigation Diver Course:

Use a diving compass

A compass is an essential tool for every diver who wants to navigate through the deep waters.

Navigate with multiple turns

After you get used to the compass, you’ll learn how to navigate with multiple turns.

Estimate distance underwater

You’ll also be taught how to estimate the distance from underwater to the surface.

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