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Side Mount Diver Course

Side mount diver is a type of scuba diving course that uses a side-mounted configuration for scuba gear, as opposed to the more traditional back-mounted configuration.


Side Mount Diver Course Information

With the help of your PADI dive instructor, learn the efficiency and balance of sidemount diving. Sidemount tanks are more comfortable and simpler to put on in the water. Divers who desire better balance and deeper dives can consider sidemount diving.

Prerequisites: PADI Open Water Diver (or similar)
Time commitment overall: 2-3 days
Minimum age: 15+ years old.

Why Choose us for the Side Mount Diver Course?

Experience a unique scuba session

Experience a new different scuba session from the others with Side Mount diver. Learn about the gas tanks, weight management and how to move efficiently.

Improve gas management

Side Mount Diver will not only teach you how to wear the gas tanks but will learn you how to improve their management.

learn tec diving techniques

Learn about some basic but essential tech diving techniques that will help you dive with ease while wearing the gas tanks.

Side Mount Diver Course Will Teach You:

Fix your weights for optimal balance

Fixing your weights for optimal balance is very important when diving. Sidemount diver will teach you how to do it properly.

Assemble and Mount tanks in the water

Assembling and mounting tanks in the water may be sound daunting for some people but our course will help you do it with ease.

Frog kicks to move efficiently while wearing sidemount equipment

Learn how to perform frog kicks to move efficiently in the water while wearing your side mount gear.

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