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Our Dive Packages


Are you looking to dive in Marsa Alam but not sure which diving plan to do Or which dive sites to visit Or what is the right deal for you? 

Find more about some of the most popular diving packages with all the essential information provided. we offer the following tours & Trips 

Boat Dives               (Full-Day Trip 2 Dives per Day )

Shore Dives             (Half -Day Trip 2 Dives per Day  )

Speed Boat Dives  ( Half -Day Trip 2 Dives per Day  )

Overnight Trip         ( 2 Days & One Night  4 Dives + One Night Dive ) 

Mini Safari Trip On Request  ( 3 Days + 2 Nights  6 Dives + 2 Night Dives ) 

Early morning Dives 

Night Dives 


Half-Day Trip: Dive into Delight

Lacking time yet but have the need for some diving? The ideal remedy is one of our half-day excursions! Join us for an amazing underwater adventure where you’ll see colorful coral reefs and lively marine life that’s perfect for both novice and expert divers looking for a fast getaway into the deep.

Full-Day Trip: Dive, Discover, Delight!

Calling all adventurers! Our Full-Day Trip promises a day filled with exploration, enchantment, and endless diving pleasures. Prepare to be amazed as you delve into multiple dive sites, each offering its own unique charm and marine treasures. Our experienced guides will lead the way, ensuring your safety while you savor an extraordinary onboard lunch amidst breathtaking seascapes.

Overnight Trip: Dive under the Stars

Our Overnight Trip is a must for anyone looking for an intense diving experience like no other! Imagine yourself scuba diving beneath moonlit waters, amidst the serenity of the night. Create lifelong relationships with other divers by snorkeling together.

Shore Dives: Uncover Hidden Gems

With our Shore Dives, discover the enchanted world that is only a few steps from the shore. Ideal for divers that value ease of quickly reachable dive locations without sacrificing the wonders that await below the waters. Prepare yourself to come across a variety of aquatic life and underwater delights.

Boat Dives: Venture Further, Discover More

Embark on a journey to more remote and extraordinary dive spots with our Boat Dives. Our well-equipped dive boats will take you to dive sites that teem with life and captivating formations. Prepare to be enchanted as you glide through crystal-clear waters and come face to face with marine marvels.

Speedboat Dives: Thrills on the High Seas

Our speedboat dives are an amazing pleasure for adrenaline addicts looking for excitement! On our fast boats, feel the rush as you quickly arrive at thrilling dive sites. Enter a world of wonder where adventure and action are waiting around every corner.

Night Dives: Embrace the Mystique

Embark on a nocturnal adventure with our Night Dives. Witness the magical transformation of the underwater world as nocturnal creatures emerge from their slumber. Guided by the soft glow of dive lights, this experience is nothing short of enchanting.

Early Morning Dives: Embrace Serenity

With our Early Morning Dives in the Red Sea, you can be among the first to welcome the early sun. Plunge into the calm waters as the world awakens to experience nature’s splendor at its most quiet. These dives will renew your soul with a sense of tranquility and amazement.

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