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Scuba Diving - FAQ

If you have any additional inquiries, this page is likely to provide all the answers you need. So, let’s find everything out!

What are the opening Hours of the dive center?

The base is open daily from 08.00 AM to 17.00 PM

Which diving certificates are recognized?

We accept the diving certificates of all worldwide recognized diving associations such as PADI, CMAS, SSI, BSAC, SDI, NAUI , ANMP, RAID , AUF

What should I bring with me when check-inn?

we need the following documents from you:

  • Certification card from a recognized diving association
  • Logbook or show us any prove of your previous Diving experience
  • Tow Passport Copy
  • Medical Certification or sign our medical Form here

How far away is the nearest decompression chamber?

10 minutes away from the Dive Centre the Th nearest decompression chamber with specialist medical supervision
(the Baro Medical Decompression Chamberat Marsa Shagra)

Should I bring a medical certificate with me as a clearance certificate for participating in diving?

Yes IF YOU  Have Or had a medical issues That can Stop you form diving and not be older than 24 months for persons under 40 years of age

and no older than 12 months for persons over 40 years of age. Bring the certificate with you at check-in.

Can I get my medical certificate by local doctor in Egypt?

 YES A medical certificate you can get it here From The Baro-medical Center.

for a fee of 10 Euros

Can I join diving with Coral Reef Divers without Medical certificate?

YES you can BUT you must fill out and sign our Medical Form to verify that you don’t have any medical issues which can stop you from diving.

Are drinks and snacks available for purchase at the Diving center?

Soft Drinks, (Water,Coke) & coffee and tea are available for free at the Dive Centre and at the Dive sites.

Where do the diving courses take place?

At Coral Reef Divers we have air-conditioning classrooms with a Big TV & Video devices and teaching material for instructional and teaching purposes.

Can I dive with Nitrox at Coral reef Divers?

We Offer EAN 32 Nitrox Mixture for certified Nitrox divers For extra charge 5 Euros per Dive

Can I dive without a diving guide?

 According to Local Egyptian law, the following rule applies:

Only divers with more than 25 logged dives may dive independently (without guide).

Divers with less than 25 logged dives must be accompanied by a dive guide, who is registered with the National Chamber of Diving and Water Sports and its approval is renewed for the current year.

At Coral Reef Divers a maximum of 6 divers dive with a dive guide per group).

Do I have to do the first Check Dive?

For your own safety The First Dive (check Dive) as an orientation-dive is Mandatory with our Dive Guide.

(No extra charge for the Check dive)

It takes place on shore dive mostly in one of nearest Bays Or lagoons.
Giving you the time & chance to get Familiar with the new Environment And new Dive Equipment in case of using our rental Equipment

Do I have to take a local Dive Guide ?

We offer a local guide (no extra charge for the Check dive)

What are the effects of the salt content in the Red Sea?

The buoyancy is significantly higher due to high salt content.

The Red Sea has a salinity of approximately 4.3%; compared to the North Sea, which has a salinity of about 3.2%, which requires carrying additional weights.

How much Weights do I need in the Red Sea?

2 kg more the amount of Wights you use in your own equipment in freshwater with our 12-liter aluminum tanks.

Diving safety & first Aid ?

  • Your safety is our priority And Our safety standards is exceed the Egyptian requirements. And meet the international rules & (ISO)
  • All Our activities & Dive Plans Have an emergency Plans and equipped with first-aid Kit Box
  • Each of our guides is trained and certified in first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Our First Aid Medical Boxes are equipped with plenty of first aid supplies: Medical oxygen Kit. Wound disinfectant, plasters and bandages, light painkillers, etc.

Do you offer diving insurance for the period of the holiday?

The Deco Chamber in Marsa Alam offers free treatment in the pressure chamber on when you make a donation of €7.

For this, we would recommend a foreign travel insurance. They are cheap and are always valid for 1 year.

Which wetsuits are used in the Red Sea?

We recommend a 3 to 5mm thick wetsuit. During the summer Months shorty suit will be Fine.
and we recommend a 5 to 7 mm thick wetsuit during winter Months  

Is rental equipment available at the Dive Centre?

Yes, Rental equipment are available and everything you may need for you diving Vacation.

What diving Equipment Are available For Rent at the Dive Centre?

Regulators – Dive Computers – Wetsuit – Jackets – Mask& Tube – Fins – Boots – Life Jackets – Compass – Go pro Cam – diving lights, SMB

Where can I rinse and store my equipment after the dive?

The dive center has 2 pools for washing the Equipment with fresh water changed every day to rinse the equipment., and many hangers in our Drying room to allow equipment to dry in the shade.

Which type of tanks & Valves do you have at Coral Reef Divers?

We have aluminum tanks

10 – 12 – 15 litters Tanks And 6 – 8 litters Tanks For children
We use DIN valves and we offer INT adapter connections when you need.

Do I need a diving computer?

Yes, we always use diving computers For your own safety every diver Must Dive with a diving computer. If you do not have one it can be rented from us.

Do you rent out underwater cameras?

Yes, we rent Go pro “Action Cam” with a red filter & SD Card included .

Does Coral Reef Divers offer boat trips?

  • We Offer daily Full day Boat trips Start from Marsa Alam harbor
    only 3 minutes away From the Dive Centre.
  • We Offer daily Full day Boat trip Start from Port Ghalip harbor 40 minutes from the diving center

Are there Limited Dive Time ?

No limited diveTime for our guest Divers
Just Keep the standard and follow the Rules of Air management (50 BAR  reserved in the tank )

What Payment options do We accept?

Payment in Cash – Visa and Mastercard – PayPal  

payment by card, add 2% fee.

Currency accepted

(Euro, US Dollar, Swiss Franc, English Pound, Egyptian Pound)

Is the use of an SMB (Surface Marker Buoy ) obligatory?

SMB is required for Any Boat Or speed Boat Dives. for every buddy team needs his own SMB Or rent SMB for his own safety.

IS there any designed training for children to learn diving?

Yes, we offer

PADI-Bubblemaker courses

junior Scuba Diver course
junior open water course
Junior Advanced open water course